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happy here, thanks

Lucas González

I'd like to thank the VO creators, Steve and Noel at the very least, and the community.

Today I was kindly forced by circumstances to produce my 300-euro mini-pc (acer inspire one), Linux and VO enabled with no problem (apt-get), plug it into a projector, and show others an outline in full-wall mode.

I displayed just one outline and only for a very short time.  I didn't show them the full set of outlines that's I'm using lately, helping me keep track of 80% of my time and energy.  20% confusion keeps me alive, while 80% confusion was killing me. ;-)

For me, the combination of a mini-pc and VO is as close as I've gotten to my ThinkPC dream, that has been with me for quite a few years now, since at least 1999.  http://almacen.gulic.org/01_www/copensar/sole.html

So thank you.  VO rocks.


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