help for Vim binding development (Freeplane) wanted

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help for Vim binding development (Freeplane) wanted


my name is Nnako and I am natively a C and Python programmer. I use Vim every day and have learned to just smile when yet another new graphical code development environment appears (e.g. VS Code and JupyterLab)...

For some years now, I have been structuring my work and private life using a tool called FREEPLANE []. It is a very flexible mindmap editor. As I love both, Freeplane and Vim, I am looking for ways to combine these two exceptional technologies. At least a subset of Vim's functionalities could be used to facilitate NODE NAVIGATION and TEXT EDITING, and later maybe TEXT SEARCH, COMMANDS,...

There are already some bindings for Vim in applications out there, like for browsers (Chrome, Firefox, ... ), development environments (Eclipse, Netbeans, ...) and web applications (Jupyter Notebook, Code Mirror, ....). I was thinking to invest some time into the development of a Vim binding for Freeplane (developed in JAVA). But I don't know where to start.

Are there some people here, who have already developed Vim-Bindings for applications, using parts of the original vim source? Or people who know people who have already successfully done such a thing?


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