how to get an errorformat with full line %m

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how to get an errorformat with full line %m

Marc Chantreux-3
hello people,

my ftplugin/perl.vim comes with a 'fixed' (works better for me
but i don't know if it can break something to other people).

So first question: is it worth submitting a patch?

version of the compiler/perl.vim from the standard distribution:

    set errorformat=
        \%-G%.%#had\ compilation\ errors.,
        \%-G%.%#syntax\ OK,
        \%+A%.%#\ at\ %f\ line\ %l\\,%.%#,
        \%m\ at\ %f\ line\ %l.,

In the version shipped with vim don't work with this error message:

    Odd number of elements in anonymous hash at lib/ line 46, <DATA> line 1.

because the found filename is "lib/ line 46, <DATA> " (the
pattern is too greedy) so i just changed the order of matching.

Now the second question (the topic of the mail):

When developping, i also use the Devel::SimpleTrace module to activate
stacktraces in error messages so the previous message becomes:

    Odd number of elements in anonymous hash
    at Node::new(lib/ line 46, <DATA>:1)
    at Pig::_parse_line(lib/
    at Pig::parse(lib/
    at main::(./

and i would like to make this stack available from my cwindow. alas: the
first line is the whole error message so if i use

        \%+C\tat\ %o(%f:%l)

then \%+A%m  will match any line so breaks the whole thing. I have no
idea how to fix the thing. any help or pointer to an efm with the
similar problem is welcome.


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