how to get var of main object from handler function

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how to get var of main object from handler function

Ni Va

Using dict of functions as objects, I don't happen to retrieve from job handler cmdlauncher#exit_cb the var obj._jobi  " Job index.

Is there anyway to retrieve this var's value without setting it as global ?

" Use Case
        let x = cmdlauncher#new()

        call x.add_cmd(cmd1)
        call x.add_cmd(cmd2)

        call x.showcmds()
        call x.startjob()        

"/////////////// objects

function! cmdlauncher#new()  "{{{
        let obj = {}
        let obj._cmds = [] " Job command
        let obj._jobs = [] " Job object
        let obj._jobi = 0  " Job index         <<<<< how to access it from handler

        function! obj.startjob() "{{{
                        let cmd = 'cmd /k '.self._cmds[self._jobi]

                        call add (self._jobs, job_start(cmd, {
                        \ 'exit_cb'  : 'cmdlauncher#exit_cb',
                        \ 'close_cb' : 'cmdlauncher#close_cb',
                        \ 'callback' : 'cmdlauncher#callback'
                                                \ })
                        let ch = job_getchannel(self._jobs[-1])

        endfunction "}}}

    return obj

function! cmdlauncher#exit_cb(job, status) "{{{
                echomsg "job exit with : ".string(a:job.' '.a:status)
>>>>>> echomsg  self._jobi  "<< KO
        catch E716
                " No-op if data isn't ready
endfunction "}}}  


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