ivim freezes up on executing vim-session command

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ivim freezes up on executing vim-session command

Eric Weir-2
I have been away from vim for a while. I am not a coder, just a writer who, with the help of people here and at vim-mac, gradually worked myself into a very comfortable and adept configuration of vim which I used for all my writing.

I’m coming back, primarily through ivim, a robust and adept porting of vim for use on Apple mobile devices. Until recently I had it working with all my plugins—there are just four: task paper.vim, vimwiki, vim-session, and vim-misc. Difficulty with ivim led me to delete the app, reinstall it, and reconfigure it. I installed my plugins using ivim’s iplug plugin management feature. All my apps except vim-session run fine. When I execute the SaveSession command ivim freezes up.

I apologize that I’m not able to provide any clues that might help to diagnose the problem. I am not competent to speak to features of ivim, if any, that might generate conflicts with vim-session.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Eric Weir
Decatur, GA  USA
[hidden email]

"(I)t is important that awake people be awake... the darkness around us is deep."

- William Stafford

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