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<M-*> mappings not working consistently in macros

Jacob Niehus
I have 'd' mapped to '"_d' and '<M-d>' mapped to 'd'. For some reason, this mapping doesn't work reliably in a macro. The problem persists even if I delete my .vimrc and all plugins.

To try out what I'm seeing, :set macmeta, :nnoremap <M-d> d, then put the following text in a buffer:

foo bar
foo2 bar2
foo3 bar3

Here's a minimal example that works:

Here's a tiny change that makes the macro not work ('fb' instead of 'w'):

It puts the cursor on 'bar2' and beeps instead of deleting the word. Any idea what's happening here? I've had to stop using that mapping in macros because it is bizarrely unpredictable.

One interesting hint is that both macros work fine if I just <M-F1> instead of <M-d>, but <M-Tab> has the same problem as <M-d> despite the fact that <M-Tab> can be mapped without setting macmeta.

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