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Nazri Ramliy

When there are multiple windows open I'd like to be able to place
marks that allow me to jump across windows.

Say in window 1 I place the mark 'a' on some line and on window 2 I
place the mark 'b', then from window 2 I can go directly to window 1
at mark 'a' without issuing window jumping command (<c-w>[hkjl]) and
jump to mark command ('[a-z] or `[a-z]).

I'm aware that the marks [a-z] are file specific and the marks [A-Z]
can cross files, but I'd like marks that can cross windows without
loading a new file in the current window.

Is there an existing way of doing this?

If not ... for those who've got some time on their hands, and generous
in their vim-fu:

Could you write vim mappings that does this:

<c-w>m<any letter from [a-z]> - place a window-global mark
<c-w>'<any letter from [a-z]> - got to a window-global mark



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