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Carlos Pita
Hi! I'm using netwr to remotely edit files
via scp. It works almost fine except for a
warning that is shown everytime I open or write
a remote file:

Error detected while processing function
line 12:
E303: Unable to open swap file
for "scp:\\carlos@xxxx\", recovery impossible.

The 'directory' option contains readable and writable
directories. Also, the warning happens only for
remote files but never for local ones. I'm not sure
neither if vim is trying to backup the files locally
or remotely nor if the name it's trying to use
for the swapfile is a valid filename.

My gvim is installed at a winxp workstation and it's
accessing via netrw/pscp to a remote linux server. The
files are read and written ok, except for the above

Should I locally reset 'swapfile' option for buffers
that are editing a remote file?

Thank you.
Best regards,


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