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David J Patrick-2
In my recent researches, I had a look at (emacs
all-in-woderous task + outliner + journal + kitchen sink) and saw many
amazing things. Not enough to convert me to emacs, but wow.
So one of the first ideas I'd like to steal, is the Keybindings for
moving headings;
<M><up arrow> to move up
<M><down arrow>to move down
<M><left>to demote
<M>right>to promote

much like my first (and best) outliner; thought, on the SuperROM chip
fir the RadioShal TRS80 mod100

Yes, doing this the vim way is not that hard, and yes, I'm sure it's a
no-brainer vim mapping job, but sadly I have very small vim fu.

would anybody else like this ? Would somebody out there help me achieve it ?

thanks again,
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