otl to headline numbering conversion program? (Steve Litt)

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otl to headline numbering conversion program? (Steve Litt)

Grahame Blackwood
Hi Steve

I think you have already done this. You gave me some guidance back in February
about how to use otl2lyx.pl and I now use otl2lyx.pl often. I am sure you can
use it to convert your test piece into the desired result if you have
'Updmerge documentation' as a second level heading, making sure there is a
top level heading as otl2lyx doesn't seem to like a file that starts with a

Following your guidance I create a LyX document with two lines eg 'a' and 'b'
then run otl2lyx within a script and then using vim, read the output tmp.lyx
into the LyX document between the two lines 'a' and 'b', save the file and
exit vim. Then open up the LyX file and a little bit of tweaking such as
deleting the lines 'a' and 'b' and the top heading you put in the otl file
and that should get you close to what you want, unless I have misunderstood

I use a script 'lyxify' to process the otl file and it reads as follows:

cat $1 | ./otl2lyx.pl > tmp.lyx

Thanks for otl2lyx.pl I find it really useful.



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