otl2lyx.pl lost spaces no longer, minor change

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otl2lyx.pl lost spaces no longer, minor change

Grahame Blackwood

I've just realised that I misread the position where I inserted

                print ' ';

in otl2lyx.pl. I said it was between lines 239 and 240, but it really is 240
and 241, ie it is inserted before the line.

        print "\n";

Or, more specifically, what was

                print "\n";

                print ' ';
                print "\n";

I think I deleted a line in my early attempts at using vim - sorry for the
confusion if any was caused.

Incidentally, I notice that a line of body text that is empty except for ": "
then this starts a new environment in LyX, so until I can see how to prevent
this happening, I'll either resist including blank lines to separate
paragraphs in vimoutliner or put up with removing them in LyX.

Steve, you asked what version of LyX I am using and it's 1.4.2.



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