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otl2lyx.pl no longer sulky!

Grahame Blackwood

Thanks very much for such a quick reply especially when you are so busy. Don't
read or take any notice of the following until things quieten down, except to
know your syntax works.

I tried your syntax and the first thing that happened was an error message:

`Mulitple indent at line 1, "pcc 5th March 07", terminating'

I inserted a blank line at the top of the otl file and that stopped the error
occuring again and the syntax you sent me worked and produced an output file
`tmp.lyx' to include in `myfile.lyx'.

However, when I read `tmp.lyx' into `myfile.lyx' between the top and bottom
lines and then opened LyX to have a look at the result, all that was
displayed was `top line' and `bottom line', with nothing in between. This was
even though `myfile.lyx' now contained all the lines from `vo_myfile.otl'.

I then noticed that at the start of each environment mark up, the `tmp.lyx'
produced by otl2lyx.pl reads, for instance with Standard environment:

        /layout Standard

while the equivalent produced by LyX for `top line' is:

        /begin_layout Standard

Similarly at the end of an environment, LyX inserts a closing:


but there is no closing of the environment in the output from otl2lyx.pl

When I included `/begin_layout Standard' and `/end_layout' in place of the
phrase produced by otl2lyx.pl, LyX then displayed the missing text.

The version of LyX I am using is 1.4.2. and I presume that LyX has moved on
and the output of otl2lyx.pl is not quite what the current version of LyX is

I had a look at otl2.lyx.pl and changed `\layout' in line 342 of otl2lyx.pl to
`\begin_layout' and on running the process again it all worked like a charm.

I only have to make the `o2l.conf' match the type of document I am using
(mainly article) and we have success. That's brilliant!

You asked where I saw the syntax, but I don't think the syntax was given in
the article where I found otl2lyx.pl. This was in:

www.troubleshooters.com/projects/vimoutliner/index.htm with a date of
1/4/2005. Hope this helps.

Thanks again for your quick reply, and for VimOutliner, because I am enjoying
using it and it will, I am sure, make me more productive and improve the
quality of my writing.



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