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paragraph macros for LaTeX

j. van den hoff
first time post to this list hoping this sort of stuff should be asked
here. if not please let me know.
vim (as other vi incarnations) uses something like

se para=IPLPPPQP

or similar to define paragraph delimiters which obligatory have to
start with a dot '.' . this works fine with troff but not so fine with
LaTeX, where only the empty line is recognized as paragraph break.

I would like to be able to define paragraph breaks more freely.
consider e.g. some LaTeX where some text is followed  by some
environment definition (equation, itemize,...). when I do ,e.g., `:!}
fmt', everything including
the equations etc. is reformatted which is not helpful...
I would therefore like to be able to tell vim other patterns as
paragraph breaks which do _not_ start with an obligatory
'.' at the beginning of the line. (for latex, e.g. something like '^%%
%' would help me out.

question is: I don't see any way to alter the obligatory  '.' as part
of the paragraph macro pattern. could this character made user
settable? or even better more general patterns be defined as
"paragraph" breaks?

thanks, joerg

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