[patch] g8 displays 0a instead of 00 on NUL character

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[patch] g8 displays 0a instead of 00 on NUL character

Dominique Pellé

When pressing  g8  in normal mode on the NUL character <00>,
Vim-7.3 (and older) displays 0a. It should display 00.  The ":ascii"
Ex command correctly displays <<00>>.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Create a file with NUL char in it:

  $ perl -e 'print chr(0)' > test.txt

2) Run:

  $ vim -u NONE -c ":set display=uhex" -c ":norm g8" test.txt

3) Observe that Vim displays 0a at the bottom of the screen instead
of the expected 00.

Attached patch fixes it.
-- Dominique

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fixed-g8-mbyte.c-7.3a.patch (3K) Download Attachment