popup_menu and mouse item select ??

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popup_menu and mouse item select ??

M Kelly

When using popup_menu / popup_create, is it possible to use the mouse to select an item ?
My filter has:
    if a:key == 'q' || a:key == 'x' || a:key == '\<Esc>' || a:key == '\<C-c>'
        call popup_close(a:id, 0)
        return 1
    elseif a:key == "\<LeftMouse>"
But I never receive the mouse key event/selection.  I can close the menu on the 'X' with a click.
I was figuring if I received a mouse 'key' then I could get the geom and calclate which item was chosen ?
Is this even possible ?

thx for any help, as always, to everyone in the vim community,

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