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relative numbers are here

mercurial seems to have good advice for hg-newbies

after an update, it suggested i run hg heads or merge because my
head was at 7.3 and the last three patches were against 7.2

the heads were interesting, but the merge was productive -- it
merged the last patches, recommended i do a commit, and left my
changes to features.h in place -- i am becoming a mercurial fan

magically, unexpectedly, relative numbers are working after this
build -- when bram said they are in the TODO list i did a mental
groan, thinking TODO is akin to a black hole -- and while they
were listed first in the 7.3 section, they were listed with a
question mark and no status number in column 1

i was so not prepared to see them this morning!

i don't see them mentioned in :ver, but they work, and work

thank you markus, thank you bram, you've made an even happier
vimmer out of me


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