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selfcomp r001 (made with bare Vim and :TOhtml)

Renato Fabbri

is the following content ok / interesting,
or propaganda?

please don't ban me

i mean no harm



~ selfcomp release 001, v0.01b ~

~~ ../index ~~

../rec/Machado, Felipe ↝↝↝↝↝ with a selection of
      "Originais do Sample", dancy stuff

../rec/Basbaum, Sergio ↪↪↪↪↪ killer bandolim, sonic art,
      playing choros at the bandolim
      songs with amazing crews, including ~~~ Tom Zé ~~~

../rec/Antunes, Jorge ↣↣↣↣↣ his tracks are unbelievably good,
      please check his selection of instrumental,
      electroacoustic, voice tracks

../rec/Martigli, Otávio ↬↬↬↬↬ electroacoustic pieces for
      meditation and aesthetic appreciation

../rec/Glerm Soares ↺↺↺↺↺ matches Antunes' album.
      difficult to believe how these albums are good

../rec/Gularte, Fernando ⇶⇶⇶⇶⇶ three small pieces

~~ ../about ~~

selfcomp label (or directory, or collections...)
holds a collection of self-compilations,
i.e. collections of pieces made by the authors themselves

~~~ about release ./001 ~~~

i started digging for new materials, to find new/recent/ongoing art stuff.
Looking mainly for music, too many good pieces came to me by
people I wanted to hear from

please understand that these albums are the result of dedicated
lives, listen carefully, comment here or in private messages about
the pieces and collections

AFAIK, the time and attention of the authors are devoted
to finding the best in art and delivering the best art they can
to themselves and you,
often with care, kindness and good will

~~~ more about selfcomp and ./001 ~~~

selfcomp started by looking for individual summaries,
for lifelong collections of media

ideally it still is, but each artist has its phases and goals,
and whatever they deliver to me i absorb.
I ask and try to keep the compilations cognizable
in a timespan between 10 and 60 minutes

also looking for texts, images, videos,
and receiving multimedia links,
self-compilations of other media are being gathered

Glerm and Antunes albums are unbelievable,
Machado and Basbaum albums are amusing,
Martigli and Gularte albumns are unanticipated

~~~ release 002 ? ~~~

as can be seen in the ../index,
other artists sent nice materials

~~~ sound tracks ~~~

the 6 authors sent their self-compillations as in:

but this is the soundtrack:
(maybe because all these nice music sounds like
an enormous bags of gifts)

~~ updates ~~

Ter Mai 15 16:46:00 -03 2018

authors notified hours ago, in eminence of making the release,
Qua Mai 16 06:45:24 -03 2018


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