set env var before launching job_start make Make_m

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set env var before launching job_start make Make_m

Ni Va

I'm working on a script to automate build of gvim by jobs_starts under windows from git src Download, src Modified, to Build and Deploy new version of gvim in the runtime directory.

So in the final build step, I encounter a env setting difficulty :

My last job_start the nmake command and as it is mentionned in Make_mvc.mak, Win32.mak is needed and  I got the include dir.

So once job's command launched, it results in

which results in :
job 0||
job 0|| Microsoft (R) Program Maintenance Utility Version 14.00.24210.0
job 0|| Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. Tous droits réservés.
job 0||
job 0|| C:\Users\nn\AppData\Local\Temp\vim\src\Make_mvc.mak(254) : fatal error U1052: fichier 'Win32.mak' introuvable
job 0|| Stop.

So, before launching the nmake job, I wonder if it is possible to set and persist env context in a previous job which will do :

set $(SDK_INCLUDE_DIR) = path to Win32.mak

Thank you by advance

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