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Ni Va

I have a big file with more than 100000 lines to fold.

Out of using common foldexpr method that takes too long time, I have tried to readfile in binary mode and by comparison with each begin of lines, I have feed own dictionnary scannedfoldlinenos like that :

scannedfoldlinenos = { 'lineno' : 'foldlevel' }

1 : '>1'
152 : '<1'
153 : '>1'
600 : '<1'

Then with this dict, I use common foldexpr method like that :

setlocal foldmethod=expr
setlocal foldexpr=GetFold(v:lnum)
function! GetFold(lnum)
        if has_key(scannedfoldlinenos, a:lnum)
                return scannedfoldlinenos[lnum]
                return '='

It does not fold my file so I would like to know if I can set fold starting from my dict infos.

Thank you!

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