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single shot mapping insert mode backwards line move

Sylvain Viart-2

I'm trying to build a function for solving some completion hacking.
I mean, I would like to quickly move my cursor in insertmod backward in
the current line and cycle though the positions.

My idea is to define 2 key bindings:

imap <c-left> which will detect some char in the current line [=/]
imap <c-right> which will delete one space backward

hitting c-left would bring my cursor in insert mode just after the char

I represent the cursor with a pipe




and each c-left cycle through matchable character, and back where we
started the mapping

I would know if I can imap <esc> temporary so it will finish my cycle
and move the cursor back to the started position, saved in a mark (may
be some offset compute, because I inserted space).
That way I can come back to insert mode and hit <c-x><c-f> to have file
completion fore example, with the modified path and having filename
completed with current path.

Do I need to handle the imap <esc> myself or it there some instant
one-shot mapping?

Here is my function draft:

" supprime l'espace dans la completion "test_ nom_class<c-f>"
imap <c-left> <esc>miF x`ia
" insert l'espace sur in char
imap <c-right> <esc>:call Lookup_back()<cr>a

" var=pipo/molo
func! Lookup_back()
  let l = getline('.')
  let s = 0
  " save the line txt in g:last_l, will be our memory + g:last_match
  if exists("g:last_l")
    if l == g:last_l
      let s = g:last_match + 1
      let g:last_l = l
    " init
    norm mi
    let g:last_l = l

  " reverse it
  let r = join(reverse(split(l, '\zs')), '')
  let p = match(r, '[=/][^ ]', s)
  let g:last_match = p

  if p > -1
    call cursor(line('.'), col("'i") - p)
    let g:last_l = ""
    " put back at 'i
    "call cursor(line('.'), col("'i"))
  echo p

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