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Re: How to set two MacVim fullscreen modes using vim command? 3 replies Vim - Mac
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highlighting in terminal 5 replies Vim - General
wqall! and closing buffers without a filename 2 replies Vim - General
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silent not so silent... 2 replies Vim - General
run shell command, launch app, but keep focus 4 replies Vim - General
'f' across lines without search 1 reply Vim - General
"resetting" bold and italics 1 reply Vim - Mac
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Re: bubblegum -- a vim color scheme based on xoria256 3 replies Vim - General
Re: strip whitespace and carriage returns from end of file 0 replies Vim - General
strip whitespace and carriage returns from end of file 5 replies Vim - General
calling a function automatically and "mark not set" 2 replies Vim - General
Jump to actual end of file 2 replies Vim - Mac
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