term_sendkeys syntax error on windows

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term_sendkeys syntax error on windows

Ni Va

From a vimscript, some term_sendkeys syntax does not pass because of quote or not escaped chars.

If you see the attached screen, Point 4 term_sendkeys succeed, not point 5.
Can you help me for the syntax.

Thank you

fun! BuildRuby() "{{{
  " 1. open a terminal
  " terminal

  " 2. go back to vimscript and sleep hummm.
  " sleep 800m

  " 3. get just opened terminal
  let bufnr=0
  for buf in getbufinfo() | if getbufvar(buf.bufnr,'&buftype')=='terminal' | let bufnr = buf.bufnr | endif | endfor

  " 4. init env
  call term_sendkeys(bufnr, '"c:/program files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio/2017/Community/VC/Auxiliary/Build/vcvarsamd64_x86.bat

  " 5.
  call term_sendkeys(bufnr, 'cd /d '.expand($userprofile).'/source/ruby-2.6.0-rc1

endfunction "}}}

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