vim for X11 on MacOSX?

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vim for X11 on MacOSX?

I would just like to have gvim running under X11 personally. I do so  
much work on the UNIX xterm side that this makes more sense to me. I  
tried compiling, but I get the error message:

> bash:vim63 1347% src/vim -g
> No fonts found; this probably means that the fontconfig
> library is not correctly configured. You may need to
> edit the fonts.conf configuration file. More information
> about fontconfig can be found in the fontconfig(3) manual
> page and on
> bash:vim63 1348%

I looked at the web-site, but it's pretty confusing.  
Has anyone else solved this before I am forced to dive down to a  
deeper level?

Any ideas?

David C Black

Always solve the General case because specific problems are seldom  
understood correctly. The General is a personal friend.