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vim under HP-UX 11

Kiem Lam

I would like to try the vim editor at work. My laptop runs an Ubuntu
Hoary and our company development plateform runs HP-UX 11.

I took from a colleague his whole HP-UX account configuration
including his .vimrc file. But strangely, when I edit a file with vim
on the HP-UXstation, I get garbage characters each time I hit a key.
If I modify the file in vim, I can open it with another editor and I
can read my modifications without any problem. It then seems to be a
displaying problem under vim.

Moreover, when I asked to my colleague (the one I took the account
configuration from) to log on the HP-UX system through my laptop, he
also had the same problem. Therefore, I would imagine that the problem
comes from my laptop configuration (and probably from my
gnome-terminal configuration). Could it be my character encoding
format (currently set to UTF-8)?

If somebody has any idea to help me out, it would be greatly appreciated.


Kiem Lam