vimoutliner 0.3.4 installation on a squeaky clean windows box

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vimoutliner 0.3.4 installation on a squeaky clean windows box

Stefan Schmiedl

while loading my new laptop with necessary tools, I decided to give
the 0.3.4 installation instructions a shot instead of copying around
what I already had.

And here are the results:

The basic procedure is easier than expected, "just drag and drop".
However, vim did not recognize .otl files after completing the
procedure. So I looked around a bit...

The reason for was a superfluous "if" statement in ftdetect/vo_base.vim,
whose obvious intention was to avoid setting up autocommands more than
once. The variable "did_load_filetypes" used as guard seems to be set
somewhere else, so the autocommands were *never* set up.

What happens, if you delete the three lines of the "if"-statement?

The autocommands are set up with "au!", which *replaces* any existing
autocommands for matching event and file patterns. So sourcing them
multiple times will not hurt.

Another thing that did not work was selecting a cölor scheme for the
outlines in vimoutlinerrc. Since I had just read the docs about autocmd,
I went ahead and added a second line to ftdetect/vo_base.vim, which now
looks like this:

augroup filetypedetect
  au! BufRead,BufNewFile *.otl    setfiletype vo_base
  au  BufRead,BufNewFile *.otl    colorscheme vo_stefan
augroup END

Happy VO-ing,

Stefan Schmiedl
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